I was born in Swindon and lived there until my lust for the Cotswolds hills inspired me to move to Chedworth in November 2015.

Cycling became my passion after being in to motor cycles from the age of 12. I saw a few too many injures first hand from motocross and road racing, and realised I got the same buzz from cycling – although, it’s still very easy to get injured in this sport! My daughter Katie, who turned 18 this year, continues my passion for motorcycles and still rides daily on her Yamaha YZFR.

Having worked for Mercedes for 26 years, in 2005 I decided it was high time to take three months out to tour around Europe - just me, my bike, a tent, and of course my Mercedes! I enjoyed so many epic rides in France, Germany and Belgium, but mainly in lovely Italy including stops at Gavia , Motorolo and Stelvio. I also fell in love with the Dolimites, and went far south to the Almafi coast. You can’t beat a good espresso under the Italian sun! 

My most memorable cycling moment was probably riding the Passo Stevio solo before the days of carbon bikes and Garmins - and descending its 44 turns too! Riding the iconic 'Repack Run' in Marin County, California in 1999 on a Giant carbon hardtail (which didn't survive the three weeks we threw at it!) is a great memory too.

The craziest thing I’ve done which doesn’t involve bikes was meeting my wife Clare at a foam party in Ibiza in 2002! We’ve been happily married since 2011.

In 2017, coming back to mountain biking, I would love to be able to break well in to the top 10 at National level, and maybe gaining a podium or two at the Regionals is within reach.  The positivity I’ve received so far from the team will only fuel my motivation, so watch out Marc!