All the greats were born in 1968! There's me, Daniel Craig, Gillian Anderson, Will Smith, Hugh Jackman and Lucy Liu to name a few. OK, maybe I don't make the great list, but I am having an interesting life.

I started out in Bristol and ended up in the Cotswolds via Manchester (yes, I did go to the Hacienda), the Lakes (Kendal) and Australia (all over but settling for a while in Mullumbimby).

I've always been a bit outdoorsy, starting with horses and progressing to mountain bikes in the mid-90s (remember flexi-stems?!) while at the same time discovering the joys of limestone and bolted rock – and motorbikes. Moving up to the Lakes gave me the opportunity to try paragliding, and kite surfing on the West coast at Silecroft. While I gave up paragliding after I took it to my personal limits in the Himalayas (ie, I nearly killed myself), I found kayaking – or more specifically, river running. I soon realised that was going to kill me, so I took my kites to Australia where I also discovered the joys of long boarding.  After a while, I realised the sharks were going to kill me and I moved back to Blighty.

I'm now living in Moreton-in-Marsh and working full time as communications manager for Amey who look after highways  maintenance in Gloucestershire (yes, I know we have potholes - don't tell me, tell 08000 514 514) and support Cotswold Cycles RT in my spare time. I got involved with the team through being a member of North Cotswold Cycle Club, and an all-round fan of Cotswold Cycles. Oh, and through my husband Don (see Team Manager). 

Having spent the last two years undergoing treatment for cancer, I'm particularly pleased that the team have partnered with Cyclists Fighting Cancer - a wonderful charity giving young people living with cancer the opportunity to experience the freedom and fun of cycling. 

​2017 will be another 'suck it and see' year, but just so long as I can have some fun on my Top Fuel, I'll be happy!